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Zestaw FishBOX

Catch your own Fishbox

In each package you will find a rich set of spinning lures from the best brands fishing.

One set Fishbox. Check and come back for more!
119 zł
This three sets of Fish BOX. Every month you will receive a packet with a new set of traps.
you save 30zl.
Starts from
109 zł / month
As many as six sets Fishbox. For half a year, each month, we will send you a package with a new set of traps.
you save 120 zł!
Starts from
99 zł / month

Payment by bank transfer on-line, ordinary bank transfer or credit card. Shipping Fishbox-s always on the 15th day of each month.


Our partners

Our baits are derived from the best suppliers with years of experience. All products that receive each month, have been tested and recommended by professionals.


Fishbox are sets of spinning baits. The new pack full of high quality products we send to you each month.
Each kit contains a number of spinning baits. The contents will be finalized so for a specific species of fish that can be caught on a particular bait. For example, in one month in Fishbox will be bait for catching pike in the next - perch.
Contents Fishbox is selected from products known and respected in the world of fishing tackle manufacturers, including Delalande Fishing and Salmo.
You can order Fishbox in three versions - per month (119 zł), three months (109 zł / month) and a half (99 zł / month).
Fishbox is delivered directly to you by courier or by mail at no additional charge for delivery. The packages will ship always the 15th of each month. Order online'll pay: bank transfer or credit card.